International 2 Items

Ok... so after a few days of "reserching" the new hype of international dota 2 items i reached some conclusionts

  1. the int keys are goin for 2 regular keys or 3 treasure for 2 int, (try to find this guys if you want to trade keys :P )
  2. theres a small chance of gettin 1 of 3 New and Inmortal Quality Couriers ( valve said, or this is what ppl are saying that valve said :P, that this couriers wont be on the store/drop system after the international, so its worth open a crate just for a chance of gettin one ) and also they are going for a crazy amount of keys at trading sites
  3. Every item that you get from a chest, is labeled with "the international 2012" so... if valve adds all the items to the store/drop system after the international, and new items dont have the label, every int 2012 item will be worth much more than a non labeled one, so hopefully they wont label the new items.
  4. also, remember that store items are "dirty" items and are worth less, so even if you dont get a courier/mysthical/unusual, it is still worth to open a few crates

so, start opening some crates if you can, aslo take in mind that the crates have some value
the rates are something like this
1 int crate = 1 uncommon or 2 commons
2 int crates = 1 rare
4-5 int crates = 1 Key

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